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Jiu-Jitsu House Rules

Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Especially when it comes to weight distribution!

Leg Locks Allowed - Straight Ankle Lock (everyone) Knee Bar & Toe Hold (Blue & up) Heel Hooks/Reaping/Calf Slice (Purple Belt & Up) 

NO Slamming Opponent - Especially While In Guard

NO Shoes On The Mat!

NO Biting, Spitting, Or Fish Hooking

NO Bending Fingers Or Toes Back (Must Have All Four Fingers)

NO Going For The Eyes, Throat, Or Groin Areas

NO Pulling Hair, Fish Hooking The Rib Cage, Or Pinching Skin

NO Neck Or Face Cranks

Foul play will not be tolerated.

North Side Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including bad hygiene.

20 Things you need to know about training at NSBJJ.

1. Bow on and off the mats (Facing the Flags).

2. Face away from the flags when you tie your belt.

3. During open mat, a lower rank should accept a request to roll from a higher rank.

4. During open mat, a higher rank may deny a request to roll from a lower rank.

5. If someone taps the mat with a foot or leg, yelps, or says 'tap', 'stop', or screams out you must stop immediately.

6. Position is more important than submission!

7. There is no talking while instruction is taking place!

8. If you need to leave the mat during class, ASK your Instructor.

9. If you need to sit out and rest, ASK your Instructor.

10. If you are late, stand by the mat and wait for the instructor to call you into the class!

11. The purpose of your class is to get better every single day, let go your ego, try out new moves, become more creative, and learn to see the moves before they happen.

12. It's okay to lose, everyone in Jiu-Jitsu loses, even the best in the world.

13. Do not mistake an Instructors kind manner for weakness. We do not need to roll hard when we are trying to help you learn, we may often put ourselves in bad positions and into submissions to help you learn. Please do not crank on the submissions. This tends to make your Instructors angry.

14. Ask questions, we at North Side love answering questions about what we are showing, such as, 'where will it go', 'how can I defend this', etc...

15. Make it your goal to learn by coming to as many classes as you can. The more you attend, the rapidly you will meet your goals.

16. Competition is the best way to improve! Even if you lose, the experience is invaluable to your growth in Jiu-Jitsu.

17. Your No-Gi game will improve if you train in the Gi. #TRUTH

18. White belts may use a straight ankle lock submission and the 50/50 position.

19. No leg reaping (bringing your outside leg past your opponents hip, and over the leg to put pressure on the knee).

20. Have Fun, that's what it's all about, do not be nervous or afraid, we are here to help you and make you better.

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