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North Side BJJ Kids Class

2023 Update - Olivia Nathan wins Pan Kids Gold, Benjamin Levine, & Shaylee Smead  takes Bronze. North Side Kids take home 8 Medals at 2021 IBJJF Kids Pans. Kids Pans is the largest kids tournament in the world today taking place in Orlando. Some of our kids had as many as five matches in a single elimination tournament. In 2021 took 11 kids to PANs and won a Gold, 5 Silvers, and 2 Bronze medals. Grey Belt Niko Levine has also won US Nationals and PANs Gold in 2021. North Side Kids Place 3rd as a team, taking home 6 Gold Medals and Placing 3rd of 268 at the largest tournament in AZ history JJWL Phx 2021. In 2022 NSBJJ Kids placed 2nd in the AZBJJL AZ State Championship taking home 6 Gold medals in the process!

What is the difference between NSBJJ and other local schools? Simple - The Black Belts including the Head Professors for the entire school teach the kids classes, its NOT pawned off on some part time coach or instructor. Nobody in Tucson has had the success on the National and International level that we have had as a kids team.


About one in every three American children are overweight or obese. The American Medical Association recommends children get 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day.


We offer a highly structured fun and safe environment for kids ages 3-15 to stay healthy while learning a skill they will use for the rest of their lives.


In addition to improving children’s physical health, we teach kids how to handle bullying and other dangers. Confident and empathetic children are less likely to be bullied or bully others.


We help your children build confidence. Winning a match against a friend you couldn’t beat last week builds confidence. Being able to move a little faster and get a little stronger builds confidence. Competing in a competition builds confidence.


Classes begin with a warm-up. When Professor Sean Huff teaches, the warm-up usually includes jogging, forward and backward rolls, wheelbarrows, army crawls, bear crawls, and shrimping. Professor Dusty Alexander teaches a little differently. He likes to warm up with games. Kids don’t realize it, but by the end of the games, their faces are bright red and their hearts are pumping! Both warm-up styles not only provide cardiovascular exercise, but they teach some of the physical skills required to perform BJJ techniques.


All instruction is done in an age-appropriate way. Students watch the demonstration and then try the technique with their partner.


After the Professors show technique, the kids get to roll with each other in timed matches. This is usually their favorite part of class. Often children of equal size and ability are paired with each other during matches, but not always. When a beginner goes against a seasoned kid, they really challenge themselves by working as hard as they can to submit their more experienced peer. The older kids are very aware of their strength and take care not hurt the younger kids.


Children are always welcome to watch a class before they decide to participate. You have a free week trial period to see how your child does. We have loaner kimonos to borrow for the trial period.


You can click the House Rules link for more information.


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North Side Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class Times:


ATTENTION Parents of Children 3-5 year old - North Side now has a three class evaluation for children this young to attend the beginners classes. We ask that you do Wednesday's class first, then Saturday, and lastly Monday's class to have approval from all three kids instructors. 


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