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Established 2011

NSBJJ History and Evolution

These are some of the firsts and highlights from almost ten years of teaching at NSBJJ. They are listed in no specific order.

Anthony Torres gets his Black Belt

UFC Veteran and 20 year MMA fighter finally gets his Black Belt from Professors Sean Huff and Paul Nava

First PAN Gold

Patrick dominates and wins his first Major in the IBJJF and first PAN Gold for NSBJJ

NSBJJ's First Child Prodigy

Twist started under Professor Huff and is Now an IBJJF World Champion!

First Siblings to Podium at Kids PANs

Shaylee and Daylin both Place at Kids PANS!

Ernesto Wins his First IBJJF Gold

Competing outside of AZ for the first time Ernesto submits his way to IBJJF GOLD

Bronze at Master Worlds

Alex almosts subs the winner and looks very impressive taking Bronze at Master Worlds

First Nebraska Seminar

Sean Huff gives his first official ARES seminar at NEBJJ in Omaha

First Female Blue Belt

5 Gold Medal wins at White Belt giving up an average of 20lbs per match Ashley Melki dominates & becomes NSBJJ's first female Blue Belt

The First Female Child Prodigy

The Pride of NSBJJ Malyia becomes on of the best in the country under the tutelage of Professor Sean Huff

NSBJJ's First Black Belt

Former US Navy S.E.A.L. Chris M. becomes NSBJJ's first student to earn his Black Belt

First Abu Dahbi Gold Medal

NS student dominates ADCC in Los Angles to win Gold

Biggest Seminar

Muay Thai specialest Thiago Azeredo giver seminar to 99 students

First White to Black Belt Promotion

NS student becomes the first student to go from White to Bleck Belt. Took 7 years

First Fight

Professor Huff beats 7-1 opponent by triangle in round 2 in Memphis Tenn

First NSBJJ Blue Belt

NSBJJ first student and first Blue Belt promotion MMA fighter 

Greg Edwards

Future UFC Star Gets his Blue Belt on the Podium

Drakkar Klose dominates AZBJJL and gets his Blue Belt on the podium!

First Kids student to go white to Purple

Trent Oland becomes first and ONLY North Sider to go through all kid belts and is now a Purple Belt

1st Gracie to train with

A true honor to train with the one and only Clark Gracie

First SJJIF Worlds

NSBJJ Places at SJJIF Worlds

1st Paul Nava Visit

The start to the best decision ever NSBJJ to become ARES under Masters GOAT 10X Black Belt World Champion Paul Nava

Ace Martinez win streak

Ace dominates 4 MMA fights and as a white belt taps out a Black Belt

First Pro Grappling match & Sub win

A NS student wins Pro Grappling debut by RNC

First Kids PANs Title

Mal Wins PAN Kids Gold

The largest kids tournament in the world

Visit with Master Saulo

NS was almost a Saulo Affiliate, and has nothing but respect for the true BJJ Master and Champion.

First Professional Grappling FOTN

Noah gets FOTN honors at ROP Pro Grappling

First IBJJF Gold 

A NS student wins big in Las Vegas upsetting a former IBJJF World Champion

Sean Huff Wins Gold at Purple Belt

Sean Huff wins the AZ International Open outscoring his Drysdale BJJ and MMA Lab opponents 24-2. Wins his second AZBJJF Title and earns his Brown Belt

First Adult Female World Title

JD wins her second IBJJF NOGI World Title shortly after being promoted by Professor Huff

Ray Pina Dominates like no other at Worlds

Not an advantage or point was scored on Ray as he won 7 matches in a row to win the 2019 Adult IBJJF NOGI World Championship. Only the 3rd person from Tucson ever to do so. 

First Adult World Championship

A NS student wins NS's first Adult World Championship

Bryan Scambler Wins Worlds

Bryan Scambler wins M1 NOGI World Championship

First Match at Black Belt - First Master Worlds

Professor Huff's first match at Black Belt was in the World Championships,

3 ROP Champions at Purple Belt

The most dominate team in ROP has 3 champions at Purple Belt

First UFC Win!

Anthony Birchak KOed Joe Soto to win his first UFC fight

First Adult PANs Medal

A NS student wins Silver at Pans going 3-1 and almost winning the major

First NSBJJ Student to Win AZ State Blue Belt

Immediately after receiving his Blue Belt Chad Norris wins AZBJJL State Championship

First World Title for NSBJJ

Brenn wins his and NSBJJ's first IBJJF World Championship!

First UFC International CO Main Event

Anthony Birchak fights Thomas Edamame in Sao Paulo, Brazil

First UFC Fight

Anthony was looking good at his first UFC fight in PHX AZ

Original North-Sider Wins Brown World Championship

Mike Melki trained at NS for 7 years and was an original student in 2011

Tucson History - 2 Adult World Championships

A NS student makes history and wins his 2nd Adult World Title, nobody else has accomplished this ever from Tucson.

Noah Burns Wins 20 Gold Medals in 2019

Noah wins 20 Gold Medals and wins custom Kimono from Professor Huff as NSBJJ's MVP!

Justin Rascon Wins Big in Tucson

Justin ARascon dominates in Pro MMA and even throws up in cage

An Amazing Success Story

Professors Huff and Stamps were Blue Belts together, in a tournament in which they both competed Stamps was choked out cold. Many years went by and Professor Huff convinced him to face his fears and do another. Stamps dominated submitting all opponents in under a minute.

Stretch Boulders 4 first round Subs in a row!

One of the original North Siders Stretch won his first 4 MMA fights all by submission!

Professor Wins Big in PHX earns Black Belt

Huff beat opponent from South America 9-0

Patrick gets Silver at Worlds

Patrick gets Silver Medal at the Adult World Championships

The Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

12 years later!

ARES BJJ Royalty

NSBJJ is a part of the best team in all BJJ - ARES!

First Combate MMA Fight

Justin Rascon fights in Professional MMA Combate Americas

AT Gets Silver in Absolute 

After almost winning his division AT gets Silver to a Super Heavyweight and looked absolutely amazing 

The Next Ninjas!

Top ranked female Olivia wins 4 AZBJJL Titles - Top ranked in SJJIF Noah Burns also wins Gold in AZBJJL

Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho @ NSBJJ

A true pleasure to have a Legend teaching at NSBJJ!

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